The Fascinating Tale of Ronald Reagan’s Ugandan Granddaughter

Sometimes a story grabs hold of you and won’t let go. President Reagan’s valiant fight against Alzheimer’s disease is in that category for me. I wasn’t a fan of Reagan’s policies, but there was something about the man, and the way he played the role of a lifetime. A visitor to his Century City office […]

Deported adoptee speaks out from Colombia

After being caught trying to re-enter the United States from Mexico in December 2015, Viviana Cogswell Hill spent a year locked up, and she’s now been deported for a second time. But the timing of her deportation on Dec. 27 was her choice; she agreed to be sent back while her visa applications were still […]

So Much More

When Dr. Shieva Khayam-Bashi met Joe Nazworthy, Joe was on his stomach, and a nurse was dressing a large open wound that encompassed nearly his entire back. Joe had just had several huge malignant melanomas excised from his back. The skin cancer spots had gotten that big because he couldn’t see them, and he didn’t have […]

Parents Adopt Baby With No Arms or Legs

The lives of a small but growing family in Utah have forever been changed thanks to a tiny, bright-eyed toddler from the Philippines named Maria. It’s been over a year since Maria, now 3, who was born without her arms and legs, was adopted from a special-needs orphanage in Cavite, Philippines. Hoping to inspire other […]

Boy’s Surprising Request For Haircut to Trick Teacher Goes Viral

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A boy who turns 5 this week is spreading love and acceptance around the world. Jax Rosebush told his mother last Friday morning that he wanted his hair cropped extremely close when he got it cut over the weekend so he could look exactly like his friend Reddy. Jax said he couldn’t […]

Dear Adoption, You Left Me With More Questions Than Answers

Dear Adoption, You Left Me With More Questions Than Answers I feel as though my life consists of a series of questions by those I meet. What do you mean you’re not from here? Can you speak Indian? Do you have any idea who your mom and dad are? These simple questions seem ordinary to biological offspring, but […]

Tim Tebow wants to ‘adopt a kid from every continent’

Taking a global view of things. (AP Photo/John Bazemore) Almost as much as he is known for a legendary college career that didn’t quite translate to sustained NFL success, Tim Tebow is known for having a strong Christian faith. That has informed Tebow’s extensive charity work, and it is also guiding his family plans. The […]