Asian Adoptees at College Share Their Stories in Video

Twenty students at Macalester College have come together to form the Transracial and Transnational Adoptee Identity Collective. The collective is a space for talking about our unique identities as People Of Color and adoptees and how that affects our lives both at school and at home. Some adoptees face the challenge of feeling isolated in […]

French politician finds connection with Korean culture

Korea was never on the travel wish list of French politician Jean-Vincent Place, President of the French Ecologist Party. As a Korean adoptee, who was raised by a French couple in France since the age of seven, he intentionally did not have any interest in Korea, the country that he used to believe had abandoned […]

The Romanian boy who overcame the dark side of an international adoption

Nicolae Burcea got smallpox immediately after arriving in the US in 2002. He was sick in bed, looking out the window in a nice neighborhood. The 8-year old boy felt uncertain where the future was gonna lay, but it was the best feeling of being uncertain- to go to bed and not to worry about […]

Dear Adoption, You Are a Paradox

This is my story of the mind and heart’s fragmented journey and process through loss, love, and the light ahead. I am a book without the first few chapters; a movie without the first few scenes; a painting without a background; a house without a foundation. I was: Abandoned but loved Unwanted but chosen Hurting […]