What’s up, I Am Adoptee? My name is Chris Detrych, and I volunteer on the board of Korean Adoptees of Chicago (KAtCH), a non-profit organization. What is KAtCH? KAtCH serves the transracial adoptee community in Chicagoland, hosting monthly events (social, cultural, roundtable) and promoting adoptee advocacy. Please visit our website for more background. On a […]

Why Families With Adopted Children From Foreign Countries Are So Afraid

As the family separation policy unfolds on the United States’ borders and our news feeds fill with photos and recordings of anguished infants and toddlers crying out for their parents, there is a slice of the American public for whom the reaction goes beyond mere gut-gripping loathing: those of us whose children were born in other […]

Adoptees from overseas to lose Government support for finding biological families

International adoption advocates are warning it will become much harder for people to track down their biological families as Government funding will soon run out. The charity International Social Service helps reunite people adopted from overseas with their birth parents. The organisation said over the past two years, money from the Coalition has helped hundreds […]

He was a Russian orphan. Now he’s a podcast host changing lives.

Russian folk singing changed Oleg Lougheed’s life. When he was 11, Lougheed, who was living in an orphanage in Russia, was selected to visit the United States for two weeks to perform in Ann Arbor, Mich., with a folk singing group of orphans from his area. During one of those performances in 2004, Lougheed met […]

Adoption files to be opened in lost Yemenite children affair

  A worker of the Israel State Archives looks at classified documents related to the Yemenite Children Affair in Jerusalem, December 22, 2016. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90) The Knesset approved a bill Tuesday to allow families who came to Israel from Yemen in the early days of the state to find out whether children they claim were […]