How It May Feel To Be in Consultation With a Therapist

Jessica Kim Gruber, LMFT speaks with Jaeki and JoJo on the podcast “$6.99 Per Pound” about what it may feel like to be in consultation with a therapist. While the episode addresses issues facing the hosts under the current COVID-19 epidemic, IAMAdoptee is shining a light on Jessica, adopted from Korea, who gives a little […]

$6.99 Per Pound: Mental Health in the Face of Hate

IAMAdoptee Co-Founder, Joy Lieberthal Rho, LCSW speaks with Jaeki and Jojo of $6.99 Per Pound podcast about the ways Asian Americans and Asian adoptees can take care of their mental health. To listen to the episode, go to your favorite podcast platform or visit

How COVID-19 May Be Provoking Old Wounds, Part III

Part 3 with Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker and IAMAdoptee contributing editor, Emma Click to read Parts I & II Q: Can you lend your expertise on a few scenarios that might be particular to the international adoptee community as it pertains to attachment and family? Scenario 1: There are a lot of college students, young adult adoptees, […]

How COVID-19 May Be Provoking Old Wounds, Part II

Part 2 with Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker and IAMAdoptee contributing editor, Emma Click here to read Part I Q: How does this current health pandemic have the potential to exacerbate a lack of or strengthen our sense of community and belonging? Chaitra: I feel like this is kind of the same as all of the other […]

How COVID-19 May Be Provoking Old Wounds

Q&A with Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker and IAMAdoptee contributing editor, Emma    Q: COVID-19 might trigger some latent issues for adoptees in particular, for example with challenges surrounding food and food scarcity. People are posting all over social media about grocery shopping, being stocked, or having anxiety of not having enough. Some are making grand elaborate meals. Others […]

Seeking Counsel: An Expert Panel in Mental Health Shares Wisdom

Considering seeking counseling or therapy and wondering how to go about it? IAMAdoptee reached out to three therapists to help you navigate the process of finding someone for you.  This article was originally published as a February 2020 blog post by Katie Bozek, Ph.D., LMFT for the Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network (KAAN). It […]

Be Well: Adoptees Coping with COVID 19

Wellness and being adopted IAMAdoptee reached out to a group of mental health professionals to help us think about ways being adopted might particularly impact our well-being during this COVID19 pandemic.  Even as restrictions are starting to lift in various regions of the world, the emotional impact lingers in ways we have yet to anticipate.  […]

COVID 19 and the Intercountry Adoptee Community: Ann McKinnon

Living within a worldwide pandemic, intercountry adoptees, like everyone else have been deeply impacted. From small business owners who have had to close their brick and mortar stores, to adoptees living in worry about how they will pay next month’s rent to fun ways to connect with other adoptees to make the day pass with […]