This Song Is About Mental Health – IAMAdoptee’s Moment with DanAKADan

In continuing our efforts to address wellness in the intercountry adoptee community, IAMAdoptee connects with Dan Matthews, musician, rapper, documentarian and creative. Dan Matthews, DANakaDAN, is an alternative rap artist from Los Angeles, CA. As a Korean adoptee he’s produced several documentaries about the adoptee experience, as well as his very personal journey reuniting with his […]

$6.99 Per Pound: Mental Health in the Face of Hate

IAMAdoptee Co-Founder, Joy Lieberthal Rho, LCSW speaks with Jaeki and Jojo of $6.99 Per Pound podcast about the ways Asian Americans and Asian adoptees can take care of their mental health. To listen to the episode, go to your favorite podcast platform or visit

How COVID-19 May Be Provoking Old Wounds

Q&A with Dr. Chaitra Wirta-Leiker and IAMAdoptee contributing editor, Emma    Q: COVID-19 might trigger some latent issues for adoptees in particular, for example with challenges surrounding food and food scarcity. People are posting all over social media about grocery shopping, being stocked, or having anxiety of not having enough. Some are making grand elaborate meals. Others […]