DNA I – Robyn Joy Park

IAMAdoptee recently connected with Robyn Joy Park, Korean adoptee (the whole of who she is will be evident in our interview!) Robyn just returned from running a marathon in South Korea.  The marathon was part of her personal journey but also to advocate for and raise funds for 325KAMRA (325KAMRA.org).  She raised $3780 to support […]

Kassaye Berhanu-MacDonald

#IAMonemillion is an ongoing project to find creative ways to get to know the nearly one million international adopees worldwide.  Every story is unique.  What better way to express our individuality among such a large community than by sharing them one at a time? We had a chance to connect with Kassaye, adopted from Ethiopia […]

Families with Children from China

The largest organization in the US for adoptees from China has historically been FCC (Families with Children from China) with chapters in almost every state.   While Taiwanese adoptees would be considered the pioneer group, many of whom are in middle age now, the first wave of adoptees mostly from mainland China are now emerging adulthood.  […]

Scholarship Opportunities

Also-Known-As Do you know a U.S. high school senior or undergraduate student who is an international adoptee? Also-Known-As has established a scholarship program to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of young dynamic adoptees attending college. The Also-Known-As Adoptee Excellence Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship for an outstanding graduating high school senior or undergraduate student who […]


What’s up, I Am Adoptee? My name is Chris Detrych, and I volunteer on the board of Korean Adoptees of Chicago (KAtCH), a non-profit organization. What is KAtCH? KAtCH serves the transracial adoptee community in Chicagoland, hosting monthly events (social, cultural, roundtable) and promoting adoptee advocacy. Please visit our website for more background. On a […]

IAMADOPTEE Interviews Dr. Judy Eckerle of the Adoption Medical Clinic

IAMADOPTEE is about shining a light on the way adoptees contribute to the adoption community at large. IAMADOPTEE speaks to Dr. Judy Eckerle, pediatrician and Korean adoptee, as she prepares for the second annual gala for the Adoption Medicine Clinic at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.   Hey Judy, can you give us […]

How Meeting the Jeons Has Changed My Life

There are distinct moments in life that help to shape and define who you are. Many times, you do not even realize how these milestones affect you as a person until months or years later. For me, one such moment was meeting Whitney’s birth family. When we began the initial planning stages of our 2014 […]


February 3, 2015 Omoni, Today is your birthday. I’ll admit I was expecting to have met you by now. But I understand. It’s strange to know that you are real. For so long, and even so now, you remain a figment of my imagination. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you are not just an […]