Also-Known-As Announces Winner of Inaugural Adoptee Excellence Scholarship

Also-Known-As is thrilled to announce the winner of its inaugural Adoptee Excellence Scholarship. We received fifty-six applications from across the country at a tremendous level of quality. Candidates were internationally adopted at various ages, from countries including China, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Jamaica, Korea, Latvia, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. We were moved by young adoptees who […]

One Son Raised a World Apart Brings His Two Mothers Together

On a late Sunday afternoon, people weaved in and out at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, lugging suitcases with the usual faraway expressions. Many were traveling to see family and friends for the busy Memorial Day holiday. At the International Arrivals gate, three travelers appeared without fanfare – but their trip was no less significant. As […]

‘I’m an American’: Deported Adoptee Struggles in Brazil

NITEROI, Brazil (AP) — Paul Fernando Schreiner paces around a sparsely furnished room, swatting mosquitoes from his arms and neck as he wonders if today will be any different from all the others. The heavy, dense air of this city across the bay from Rio de Janeiro feels insufferable, nothing like the dry heat of […]

#AdopteesAre: Interview with Katie Nolan

Mia: Let’s start off with just talking about your adoption story then move into the stereotypes of adoption by which we can dive into it more from there. Can you give me an idea on your own experiences with stereotypes and prejudice as an adoptee? And have you experienced any discrimination of any kind and […]

I’m Adopted And Pro-Choice. Stop Using My Story For The Anti-Abortion Agenda.

Although anti-abortion activists don’t know me personally, they use my story in their arguments ― rewriting it to paint me as one of the “unwanted” children “saved” by adoption. People often conflate adoption and abortion as opposite sides of the same coin, despite research that shows women, for the most part, do not choose abortion […]

Korean-American adoptee healing past wounds with cooking

Shops in the Gyeongnidan area in Itaewon, Seoul, have been closing down one after another as tenants face tough times. The 55,000 square meter area from the military finance corps to the Grand Hyatt Hotel was once a vibrant, crowded district. Owing to the cosmopolitan nature of the neighborhood, craft beer, interesting stores and foreign […]