#IAMonemillion has been created to amplify the voices and experiences of those who are internationally adopted.  No matter the country of origin, our shared beginnings is a unique aspect of how we came to the families and countries we now call our own.

The elders of our community came out in the 1980s to share their lived experience, resulting in narratives coming from the adoptees themselves for the first time. They described gains and losses, the yearning and seeking, and our ever-evolving multifaceted identities.

Decades later, many have continued to share how important being adopted has impacted their lives through the arts, academia and professional study.  But, it is not enough to be a collective of adopted individuals.  We need to be a collective.

At #IAMadoptee, we are asking for your contribution to the global ongoing conversation on what it really feels like to be internationally, transculturally adopted.

Inspired by Michele Norris and her Race Card Project (https://theracecardproject.com/about-the-race-card-project/), we wondered if we could inspire you to write about adoption in the same way?

So, tell us!

What is your 6-word essay on international adoption?

Send us your essay to staff@iamadoptee.org with “essay” in the subject field.

You can send your essay in a 30 second video of yourself or an email message, with the following information: your name, current age, where you are living and what country you were adopted from

For some inspiration, here are some suggestions:

adoption is complicated, messy, ever evolving

I do belong to a family

yes, she is my real mother

yellow outside, white inside, still confused