Korean Adoptee Mike McDonald Starts New Podcast

The Rambler is an hour-long, one-on-one audio interview podcast centered around international and transracial adoption and the people involved.  Hosted by Mike McDonald, a Korean-American adoptee, the show seeks to showcase all kinds of international and transracial adoptees and to serve as a platform for their experiences and voices to be heard: good, bad, and everything in-between!  Guests have included founder of Also-Known-As, Inc., Hollee McGinnis; Peruvian adoptee Analisa Freitas; fashion designer and cancer survivor Rachel Park; social worker and educator Tara Vanderwoude; film maker and fellow podcaster Zeke Anders; Donaldson Adoption Institute CEO April Dinwoodie, and many others!  You can subscribe to this free show by visiting iTunes, Google Play , or (Podbean). Also follow The Rambler on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also email Mike at [email protected].