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It has been over 20 years since the first group of international adoptees created organizations around the lived experience of being adopted. Hollee McGinnis, Founder of Also-Known-As, one of the oldest groups established and Joy Lieberthal Rho, one of the creators of IAMAdoptee spoke in 2016 on the already rich history of adoptee led organizations in the United States and Europe.  Below is the Powerpoint presentation with notes.

Special Thanks to Susan Soon-Keum Cox, Todd Kwapisz, Sandy McLaughlin, Tim Holm, Mi-Ok Bruining, Kimura Byul, Ami Nafzger, Korean adoptees and pioneers!

History of Korean Adoptee-Led Organizations

IAMAdoptee is committed to supporting local adoptee led organizations, here is the most recent list of groups we have been able to find. Let us know if we are missing any!

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