Darci Wen Siegel



Darci Wen Siegel is a Chinese adoptee from Huangshi and identifies as a transnational adoptee, activist, and advocate, whose dedication to examining the relationship between gender, race, and policy is driven by her personal experiences stemming from China’s One-Child Policy. 

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Through working with communities, human rights organizations, lawyers, and politicians, Darci has fought to build spaces to elevate and empower individual voices impacted by domestic violence, commercial sexual exploitation, and related forms of race and gender-based discrimination, with special attention to women, girls, femmes, and communities of color.


An aspiring lawyer and policymaker, Darci graduated from Vassar College in 2020, where she authored: “Homecoming. An exploration into the meaning of ‘belonging’ and examination of transnational adoption as a means of the neo-colonization of the female Chinese American adoptee body.” Her thesis offers a first-person narrative along with careful political and historical analysis and reflects on her return to Huangshi in 2019; “Homecoming” was awarded the Marjorie Lynn Gluck Thesis Prize by Vassar’s International Studies Department.


Darci is currently an Appeals Paralegal with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office where she is the co-chair of the Special Events and Cultural Exchange Committee of the AAPI Resource Group, as well as the Executive Vice President of OCA-NY, Secretary of the OCA Greater New York Area Presidents Committee; Darci holds memberships with the Asian American Bar Association of New York and National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.