Seeking Ways to Give Back

IAMAdoptee is so impressed by the thousands of adoptees who serve our community in many different ways. Did you know that every adoptee run organization is run by the energy of volunteers? Have you thought about giving some of your time to younger adoptees?

Always check out your local adoptee led organization.

Here are some ways you can be a part of it all:


> Also-Known-As

> Catalyst Foundation

> Connect-A-Kid

University Mentorship Programs:

> CASPY @ Yale

> CASPY @ Columbia

Be a Contributing Writer:

> Adoptive Families

> Adoption Today

> Hyphen

> Korean Quarterly

In Country Programs:

> Adoptees Give Back – China

> Catalyst Foundation – Vietnam

> KKOOM – Korea

> KUMFA – Korea

> TIES Program – Latin America, Asia, Africa