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At IAMAdoptee, we know we are more than the culture of our adoptive homes.  20 years after the Motherland tours and culture camps were created, we are still seeking ways to connect with our birth culture through food, language, classes and trips.

Organizations that have developed tours for many different countries:

If you know of your local group or organization offering classes
workshops, or social opportunities, please let us know so we can post it:



  • Adopted from Missionaries of Charity (orphanage-specific group): supports and connects individuals adopted from India to the United States from the Missionaries of Charity orphanages in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.
  • Children of International Mission of Hope (orphanage-specific group): for children and families who came through International Mission of Hope India and Vietnam to united, share experiences, as well as stay in touch with those affiliated with IMH.
  • IMH Babies – Calcutta (orphanage specific groups): for anyone that was adopted from the International Mission of Hope orphanage in Calcutta, India.
  • Desi Adoptees United: an Indian adoptee group (ages 18 and older) for those who live in the United States and were adopted from India.

Indian Culture Camps and Organizations:

  • Indian/Nepalese Heritage Camp – Colorado
  • IDesi Generation 1.5: Designed to help Indian Nepalese Heritage campers and other Indian/Nepalese adoptees to keep in contact. Open to siblings of adoptees too.
  • Lost Sarees: Uniting Indian adoptees and building bridges of understanding between Indian adoptees and South Asian communities through arts, education and advocacy.
  • Minnesota Adopted Desi: Network for adopted Indians living in Minnesota, sharing event information in the Indian community and the adoption community.
  • Mudra Dance Studio

Korea Motherland/Birth Country Tours:

Korea Culture Camps:

Latin America Camps:

Vietnam Culture Camp and Motherland Tours: