Seeking Culture and Identity 

At IAMAdoptee, we know we are more than the culture of our adoptive homes. We thrive to provide methods to support adoptees as they seek ways to connect with birth culture and community through food, language, mentorship, adoptee programs, classes, trips and more. 

How Do I Begin to Find "Motherland" Tours and Culture Camps? 

Organizations that may have developed tours for different countries of origin: 

    – Your Local Adoptee Organization 
    – Your Adoption Agency

Adoptive Families Magazine

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Adoptive Family Travel - The Ties Program

Adoptive Family Travel by the Ties Program is adoptee owned and has extensive experience in adoption travel throughout the world. Countries include: Cambodia, China, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Russia (on hold), and Vietnam. Please reach out if you have questions about a country not listed here.

Lotus Travel Tours

Supports families traveling back to their children’s birth country to learn its culture and seek their roots.

Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families (Colorado) 

Featuring the National Infertility & Adoption Directory

Resources for Intercountry Adoptees        by Country of Origin



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