Co-Director’s Corner: TWICE, Icons, Mental Health + Transparency – Joy speaks with Jae-Ha Kim and TODAY News

“They may be idols, but they are sentient beings who need the same basic things all humans need.” – Joy Lieberthal Rho IAMAdoptee Co-Founder Joy Lieberthal Rho discusses K-Pop sensation “TWICE,” mental health, and transparency,  in Jae-Ha Kim’s recent Today News article “TWICE is determined to keep rising — but they’ll never stop having fun.“ […]

Finding Healing One Song At a Time

  “Do you know BTS?” – Min YoonGi, SUGA     Finding Healing One Song at a Time by IAA Co-Founder, Joy Lieberthal Rho   My first favorite song of BTS was “Idol”, the sound of Korean traditional instruments in a pop song caught my ears.  Yet, when a dear big sister/friend of mine asked […]