Podcast Feature: “Community Resources” with Joy Lieberthal Rho on the Adoptee Voyages Podcast




“We don’t need other people telling us how we should feel. When you have adoptees in the room sharing resources with each other it’s much more powerful and meaningful to know there’s a shared lived experience and people are not alone.”

– Joy Lieberthal Rho


IAMAdoptee Co-Founder Joy Lieberthal Rho discusses “Community Resources” on the Adoptee Voyages Podcast


Tune in as Joy speaks on how this non-profit can help adoptees navigate their adoption journey in regards to the family unit as well as sharing a bit about her expertise in this work.


Some of Our Favorite Quotes:

– “IAMAdoptee was designated with the intention of trying to find community for the adopted person first 

– “Very often, we don’t get a choice as to how we want to identify, growing up. As adults, we get to choose. We get to choose who we trust, who we tell our stories with and who. The word “chosen” has a different meaning as adults because we finally get to have agency over how we want to create community around us.”

– “I can choose how I want to help my community in a way that feels inclusive and safe and not shying away from the darker thoughts we have and the complexities of our stories.”


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