Podcast Feature: “Her Homecoming” with Darci Wen Siegel on the Adoptee Voyages Podcast





“I had to confront who I am and how I understand who I am “

– Darci Wen Siegel




IAMAdoptee’s Darci discusses identity and returning to her country of origin in “Her Homecoming” on the Adoptee Voyages Podcast


Darci Wen Siegel is a Chinese adoptee from Huangshi and identifies as a transnational adoptee, activist, and advocate, whose dedication to examining the relationship between gender, race, and policy is driven by her personal experiences stemming from China’s One-Child Policy.


Listen in as she shares her story of returning to China along with seeing how her adoptee identity has impacted her perspective on herself and relationships with others.


Some of Our Favorite Quotes:

– “I had solidified for myself, that baby girls were unloved or unwanted. I felt a huge distance from my country of origin”

– “We walked up the steps of the orphanage and there were neon signs that said: ‘Welcome Home Huang Fu Wen'”

– “That was a meaningful moment because it completely turned on its head, my preconceived notion that I was not wanted”

– “(My trip to China) spoke to my inner child in a way no other experience could”


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